Nikon Z fc 2021

Nikon Z fc

The Z fc is a brand-new 21-megapixel mirrorless, housed in a retro body, inspired by the design of an iconic film camera. The NIKON Z fc is an APS-C format (DX format) mirrorless camera with an exterior design dating back to the Nikon FM2 film SLR, which came out in 1982. Key handling points include three large control dials to adjust ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation, while its cosmetics feature a balance of black and silver, a round Electronic View Finder eyepiece and a pentaprism profile.


Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II

Z 6 ii Z 7ii

Nikon hasn’t necessarily done anything radical with these ‘mark II’ cameras, but has instead concentrated on fixing the originals’ most obvious weaknesses. Its carefully calibrated set of updates should make both models more attractive to demanding users who require more reliable continuous autofocus, or need to be able to back up their images to two cards during important shoots such as weddings. However, they’re less likely to win over those who feel that the Z cameras’ design and styling has strayed too far from the firm’s DSLRs.


Nikon D6 – Precise. Fast. Absolutely reliable.

Nikon D6

Hits: 38The ultimate professional camera. Today Nikon introduces the new top D-SLR model: the Nikon D6. Whether it‘s the latest news or international sporting events: This professional and ultimate full-frame SLR camera meets the requirements of all photographers who don‘t want to leave anything to chance. Reliable focus Thanks to Nikon‘s most powerful AF system so far and the integrated network connection for real-time image transmission, the D6 enables limitless creativity and efficiency for professional photographers. The new AF engine offers unmatched speed. 105 individually or in groups selectable cross…