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K&F Concept NANO-X Pro camera lens filters feature superior materials and advanced coating technology for exceptional photographs.

Serious photographers invest in top-quality equipment to help ensure that their images are the best they can be. When it comes to building a lens collection, most photographers understand that it’s worth the expense to choose lenses that produce the sharpest images but may not realize the important role that camera lens filters play in achieving the creative results they want.

Although today’s image processing software is incredibly powerful, there are some things you can’t easily fix after the image is captured. That’s where using optical camera lens filters can make a dramatic difference in the success of your images.

The first thing to consider when selecting camera lens filters is that there’s a big range available in terms of the quality, from inexpensive filters that are sometimes included in camera kits, to high-end filters that meet the optical performance and durability standards that make them a wiser investment. If you place a low-quality filter in front of a professional-grade lens, you are essentially compromising the image quality of the lens. That’s why pro photographers recommend investing in premium camera lens filters.

New K&F Concept NANO-X Pro filter


The construction and materials used in camera lens filters affect their durability and ease of use. K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro filters are made from the highest quality materials with precision manufacturing to produce a filter that’s exquisite in both performance and feel.

Pro-Grade Brass Frames

Camera lens filter mounting frames are commonly made from either aluminum or brass. While aluminum is the more economical choice, brass has practical advantages. Brass is a harder material, so it’s less likely to bend or be damaged by bumps in the field. It’s also less likely to bind and become difficult to remove than an aluminum frame. The thinner the frame—and thinner is better to avoid vignetting with wide angle lenses—the more the extra durability of brass can matter to help ensure the frames maintain their shape for years of reliable service.

K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro filters are made with durable, 100% brass frames—the same material used for highend, luxury cameras such as Leica. The result is a filter that offers not only excellent optical quality, but a superior, refined experience in handling. These filters are self-lubricating for effortless installation and removal—an important consideration when you want to swap filters quickly in the field.

NANO-X Pro filters are also completely waterproof and scratch resistant—key features for extended outdoor use.

Industry-Leading Construction Quality

K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro filters are made to the highest quality standards of craftsmanship. Each filter takes approximately 8 hours to produce in a process that involves 40 unique operations. The optical glass is fitted to the brass frame with exceptionally precise accuracy of just 0.01 mm. The superior rigidity of the brass frames allows them to be very slim, ensuring no vignetting when mounted to wide-angle lenses. The result is a filter of the highest quality that’s a pleasure to use.

Advanced Coating Technology

Each K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro filter features 36 layers of coating to achieve 99.9% light transmission with no color shift. K&F CONCEPT’s exclusive coating technology is able to reduce reflectivity as low as 0.15%, effectively eliminating ghosting and glare. Each filter also undergoes 24 unique optical performance tests so you can be confident that the filter maintains the image quality and color fidelity of your lenses.

Extended Warranty

K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro filters are backed by a standard 10-year warranty for worry-free use. Plus, the warranty can be extended an additional 5 years simply by registering at That’s up to 15 years of protection.


Several popular camera lens filter types are available in the K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro line today. A custom case is included with each filter to protect it when not in use. The case features a clever design that ejects the filter with the pull of an integrated cord, allowing easier handling when removing the filter from the case. Each filter is also engraved with a unique signature code to help facilitate warranty service, should it be required.

K&F Concept NANO-X Pro filter

NANO-X Pro Circular Polarizer

Polarizer filters are a must-have for nature photographers. They allow you to control surface reflections to deepen color saturation and contrast and remove distracting glare—something that’s not easily fixed in post-processing. K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro circular polarizers will be offered in full range (37 mm-105 mm).

NANO-X Pro ND1000

Neutral density filters reduce the amount of light reaching your lens, which enables you to use slower shutter speeds in bright conditions for special effects such as blurring moving water. ND1000 filters reduce the light by 10 stops. K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro ND1000 filters will be offered in full range (37 mm-105 mm).

NANO-X Pro ND1000
NANO-X Pro ND2-32

NANO-X Pro Variable ND2-32

Variable ND filters are convenient as they allow you to adjust the amount of light transmission without needing to swap filters. A Variable ND2-32, for example, can be adjusted to provide 1 to 5 stops of light reduction. The K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro VND2-32 will be offered in full range (37 mm-105 mm).


UV filters are commonly used as an extra layer of protection for the front lens element and for filtering ultraviolet rays without affecting image quality or color balance. K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro UV filters will be offered in full range (37 mm-105 mm).



K&F CONCEPT is developing a 2-in-1 combination circular polarizer and Variable ND NANO-X Pro filter that will provide the benefits of both filters in a single design. K&F CONCEPT NANO-X Pro Circular Polarizer & Variable ND Combo will be offered in full range (37 mm-105 mm). Visit for future news on this exciting product.


With over 150 patents, K&F CONCEPT creates a range of innovative photographic accessories, including filters, tripods, backpacks and lens adapters—with more to come—and has been recognized with international design awards including iF Design Award 2021 and RedDot Product Design 2021. With K&F CONCEPT, See the Unseen. For more information on K&F CONCEPT products and the X PRO Square Filter System, visit

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