Profoto A10 Portable Studio Flash


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Profoto A10 Portable Studio Flash

The Swedish company Profoto is a world leader in advanced photographic lighting solutions. Their portable studio flash, the A1 was an innovative product that had several firsts to its credit. Their newest model, the Profoto A10, builds on its predecessor‘s success and brings a host of new features while maintaining the same form factor.

Profoto A10

The A10 has the same signature fully tilting and rotating round flash head, which is unique for a shoe mount flash. This large head gives a much better quality of light without being excessively harsh. Profoto says that the patented design of the flash head, its lens and the reflector are its unique features that took considerable time to develop and perfect. The power output at 76 watt-seconds is very high for a portable flash. The duration of the flash varies from 1/800 (full power) to 1/20000 sec.

Contrary to many portable flashes that are powered by common AA batteries, the Profoto A10 is powered by a high capacity Li-ion cell that allows recycling time as short as 1.0 second even after full-power discharge. Plus, you get 450 full power flashes per charge.

Profoto A10

The A10 can be integrated with selected Android and Apple smartphones. There is an app available and it can be used to wirelessly configure the Profoto A10. Uniquely, Profoto also has a camera app that allows you to use the A10 as a flash for your smartphone, thus opening up new possibilities. This uses Profoto‘s exclusive AirX technology.

Here is a partial list of some of the other features: Fully automatic TTL or manual operation with variable power, firmware update through the app or via the USB port, modelling LED light, AF assist light, continuous flicker-free light for video, zoom head, 2nd curtain sync, red-eye reduction, high-speed sync with compatible cameras, large backlit LCD panel, etc.

Currently, the A10 is available in several versions to support with Canon, Fuji, Nikon and Sony cameras. While you can use the Profoto A10 on camera, a better way to use it would be off-camera. To facilitate that, corresponding radio triggers for different cameras are also available. There is no need for a receiver as that is built into the Profoto A10. Despite the high level of sophistication, both the flash and the trigger are very easy to configure and operate. There is no need to refer to the manual and good learning videos are also available.


Even a good flash needs light modifiers. The Profoto A10 excels in this area as it has a full range of accessories. These include a bounce card and a soft light dome diffuser that come standard. Optional accessories available are grid, various gels, etc. All these can be mounted in a snap, due to the magnetic ring on the head.

The Profoto A10 comes in a sturdy box and apart from the accessories mentioned, a Li-ion battery, charger, carrying case with strap, USB cable, flash stand, etc. are included as standard.

Profoto A10

Clic Grid & Gel Kit creates a more direct and circular shape of light and color correction on the go. Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images, and Profoto Clic light shaping tools provide many creative possibilities for the Profoto A10onsists of Clic Grid 20°, Clic Gel Full CTO and Clic Gel Half CTO. Clic Grid 20° reduces the light spread, controls straylight and adds contrast and drama to the image. Clic Gel Full CTO and Clic Gel Half CTO balance the created light with ambient light such as golden hour or warm indoor lighting.

Profoto A10

Clic Dome diffuses the light for a soft and crisp light. Light shaping is the key to creating amazing images and Profoto Clic light shaping tools provide many creative possibilities for the Profoto C1 Plus, A1X and A1. Each light shaping tool has its own distinct effect on light. Clic Dome diffuses the light for a soft and crisp light. It creates a very smooth and natural fall-off.

Clic Dome, Clic Grid and Gels click on and off in no time with the lights’ magnetic mount. You can stack them together as well as stacking them with other compatible light shaping tools, enabling limitless creative possibilities.

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