What is aperture? Tipps & Trics series 3

What is aperture? Tipps & Trics series 3 | PHOTO-TREND

Hits: 2The importance of Aperture: We explain how changing the aperture can make a dramatic difference to your wildlife shots One of the greatest mistakes a wildlife photographer – amateur or professional – can make is to disregard the wealth of benefits that can be found by shooting at a wide variety of aperture settings. So often it seems that the pursuit of bokeh or diffuse surroundings, consumes the imagination, limiting the myriad ways in which individual encounters can be viewed, and, as a result, the diversity of images that…


8-What is long exposure photography?

8-What is long exposure photography? | PHOTO-TREND

Daytime shooting means you have no shortage of light, shutter speeds are high and there is little chance of either motion blur or camera shake. Why would you deliberately want to choose slow shutter speeds? It is, for want of a better phrase, an artistic choice. We are very used to seeing images taken in the daytime that are sharp, free from camera shake or motion blur where everything is static and frozen in place.


Take better photographs-1

Take better photographs-1 | PHOTO-TREND

Have you arrived at a point where you wonder why your photos look more like simple snaps and not professional level masterpieces? There are a number of hints and tips we can pass on that can help you evolve as a photographer. Many of those tips cover shooting techniques, others may simply be advice about equipment and understanding a little more about your camera. You don‘t have to use them all but pick out a few that work for you, develop them and make them a part of your creative photographic process and they will stand you in good stead as you progress your skills.


Mistakes to avoid in travel photography

Mistakes to avoid in travel photography | PHOTO-TREND

Hits: 37Capturing unique travel photos isn’t easy. People who are starting out often make the same mistakes. TAKING TOURIST PHOTOS It is becoming more and more difficult to capture unique photos these days – so this is a real challenge for you as a photographer. But how do you make your photos unique? It comes down to three things: 1- Doing your research first so that you know what already exists. You will need to understand everything, from the angle of each shot to the weather and the lighting for…