Mistakes to avoid in travel photography

Mistakes to avoid in travel photography | PHOTO-TREND

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Capturing unique travel photos isn’t easy. People who are starting out often make the same mistakes.


It is becoming more and more difficult to capture unique photos these days – so this is a real challenge for you as a photographer. But how do you make your photos unique? It comes down to three things:

1- Doing your research first so that you know what already exists. You will need to understand everything, from the angle of each shot to the weather and the lighting for every location.

2- Being creative and thinking of unique ways to showcase the subject. This comes down to your creativity.

3- Committing yourself to ensuring that you capture the photo, even if that means waiting around for hours for the perfect conditions or having to return until you can get the shot. Sometimes you will get lucky. Something may be happening – be it with people, animals, or even the weather – that will give you a unique photo. But these opportunities are few and far between. Most of the time you will have to work hard to capture the image you want.

Keep in mind that most people are friendly and they will be happy to allow you to take their photo.


People are as integral to your experience of a place as the famous landmarks you find there. Many inexperienced photographers try to avoid taking shots of people because they are shy. Keep in mind that most people are friendly and they will be happy to allow you to take their photo. So don’t be coy, because all you are doing is denying the viewer a crucial part of the story.

Ayers Rock


I’m always amazed when I see people arrive at a location, take a snapshot and move on. How can they possibly enjoy and experience a location if they are simply jumping from one place to another?

As a photographer, sometimes it’s easy to be lazy and impatient. After all, why wait for hours for the perfect light when you can take a photo and head back to the hotel? But the only way to capture stunning photos is to make the effort and spend time not only understanding and appreciating the scene, but also to execute taking the photo.



‘This way to sunset point’ – every photographer has seen these signs. Sometimes such viewpoints are magnifi cent, and in some circumstances they are the only place you should photograph from. But often they are simply the most accessible place – and as a result, a view most people have seen.
So, always try to find a unique view. It will require more research, effort, hard work, and sometimes cost more to achieve – but the photos you capture will be worth it.


As much as you need to dedicate yourself to photography when travelling, remember to enjoy yourself as well. Like any job or hobby, if it starts to become a chore and you no longer enjoy it, it will refl ect in your work. Remember that you are in a place that is new and exciting so make some time to enjoy the experience of being there.

Travel photography is a wonderful job or hobby. With a bit of hard work – and by avoiding some of these mistakes – you too can capture stunning travel photographs.

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