Nikon D6 – Precise. Fast. Absolutely reliable.

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The ultimate professional camera.

Today Nikon introduces the new top D-SLR model: the Nikon D6. Whether it‘s the latest news or international sporting events: This professional and ultimate full-frame SLR camera meets the requirements of all photographers who don‘t want to leave anything to chance.

Nikon D6

Reliable focus

Thanks to Nikon‘s most powerful AF system so far and the integrated network connection for real-time image transmission, the D6 enables limitless creativity and efficiency for professional photographers. The new AF engine offers unmatched speed. 105 individually or in groups selectable cross sensors, with 1.6 times higher density compared to the Nikon D5, deliver precision at the highest level.

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Highest autofocus precision

The incomparable motif detection and tracking works absolutely reliably even under the most difficult lighting conditions. An even larger selection of definable patterns for the measuring field group control enables the optimal AF configuration for every shooting situation and thus guarantees an even higher number of sharp action photos. As the first D-SLR camera, the Nikon D6 enables focus on the eyes of the person to be imaged with automatic measuring field control or 3D tracking. In combination with the more extensive, detailed coverage, you capture the perfect moment in your model‘s facial expressions.

Fast data transfer

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The integrated network connection offers the highest transmission speed in the industry, which is not reduced even during the recording. Optimized workflows provide more options for selecting and sorting important recordings for transmission. This gives photographers a decisive advantage when it comes to seconds. Since Nikon users wanted this feature, the image transmission of the Nikon D6 was accelerated and simplified. With integrated fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions, you can send your best recordings without delay. With the sharp and precise touchscreen monitor, you can review, select and rate your recordings. The D6 offers the highest transmission speed on the photo market – which is not reduced even during the recording.

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In every environment

Extreme temperatures, high humidity, collision of camera and telephoto lens when wearing – the Nikon D6 is protected by the same robust housing that professional photographers already loved about the D5. After all, when it comes to important shots under demanding conditions, you don‘t want to worry about your camera, you want to concentrate on your work.

We will publish a detailed report about Nikon D6 soon.

Delivery date: expected April 2, 2020 / Price: approx.7,300.00 euros

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