Sigma Zoom lens 14-24 mm f/2,8 DG DN Art

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Sigma 14-24 mm f/2.8 DG DN Art: A super-wide zoom reinvented for mirrorless cameras

Sigma’s 14-24 mm Art lens for full-frame Canon and Nikon SLRs was well received on its launch in 2018 – not only for its exceptional build and image qualities, but also because it was remarkably free of distortions for a super-wide-angle zoom. Two years down the line, Sigma has reinvented the lens for full-frame Sony E-mount and Leica L-mount mirrorless cameras, the latter being an attractive option for Panasonic Lumix S-series shooters. A far cry from being the same lens with a different mount, the new DN edition is different from the ground up.

Sigma 14-24 mm f/2,8 DG DN Art
1) Önemli bir ayrıntı, gölgelenmeyi ve parlamayı azaltmak için Nano Gözenekli Kaplama‘nın yanı sıra Sigma‘nın geleneksel çok katmanlı kaplamasının (Multi-Layer Coating) kullanılmasıdır.
2) Otofokus kilitleme düğmesi alternatif işlevler için özelleştirilebilir.
3) DN montajı, jelatin filtreleri takmak için bir yuva içermekte.

The optical path of the older lens has three top-grade FLD (‘Fluorite’ Low Dispersion) elements and three SLD (Special Low Dispersion) elements, along with three aspherical elements. The newcomer retains the line-up of triple aspherical elements, including a high-precision, large-diameter one at the front, while reducing the number of FLD elements to one and bumping up the SLD count to five.

Sigma 14-24 mm f/2,8 DG DN Art


As we’ve come to expect from Sigma Art lenses, sharpness and contrast are superb throughout the entire zoom range, even when shooting wide-open at f/2.8. Autofocus is fast and unerringly accurate, although the stepping motor isn’t completely silent. There’s fairly little vignetting, especially for a super-wide-angle zoom with a fast aperture rating. Chromatic aberrations are entirely negligible and the additional nano-structure coating lives up to its claim of further reducing ghosting and flare.

The HyperSonic Motor autofocus system of the older lens is replaced with a stepping motor in the DN version, which is much more common in lenses for mirrorless cameras. The focus ring is pleasingly damped and enables ultra-precise adjustments with a silky-smooth action.

Sigma 14-24 mm f/2,8 DG DN Art

Sharpness: Even shooting wide-open, sharpness is spectacular in the central region of the frame and remains excellent right out to the extreme corners.
Fringing: Even in the extreme corners of the image frame, levels of colour fringing are entirely negligible, throughout the entire zoom range and at every aperture setting.
Distortion: Whereas the DSLR-format edition of Sigma’s 14-24 mm Art lens is practically a ‘distortion free’ lens, the DN version exhibits noticeable barrel distortion in the 14-16 mm sector of its zoom range, when in-camera corrections are switched off.

Sigma 14-24 mm f/2,8 DG DN Art


Sigma’s new offering combines clever design with high-tech manufacturing techniques to deliver outstanding image quality and fabulous all-round performance – all wrapped up in a tough, weather-sealed casing.


Mounts: Sony E, L-mount
Full-frame: Yes
Autofocus: Yes
Lens construction: 18 elements in 13 groups
Angle of view: 114-84 degrees
Diaphragm blades: 11
Minimum aperture: f/22
Minimum focusing distance: 0.28m
Maximum magnification ratio: 0.14x
Filter size: Rear holder
Dimensions: 85 x 131mm
Weight: 795 g

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